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About Us

The Cornell iGEM Team is an award-winning synthetic biology research team comprised of 30 undergraduate students. The team is comprised of five subteams: Wet Lab, Product Development, Policy and Practices, Business, and Wiki/Design. The team works throughout the school year and summer to solve local and global problems related to medical applications, environmental concerns, and human and animal health. We compete against 300+ multidisciplinary teams from all around the world at the iGEM Giant Jamboree, hosted annually by the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Foundation.

Check out the Cornell iGEM Team, 2017 winner of Gold and Best Supporting Entrepreneurship against 310 other international university teams!

Past Projects and Achievements

Sub Teams

Our Team


Charles Dai

Team Lead


Ann Metzloff

Co-Wet Lab Lead


Michelle Croen

Co-Wet Lab Lead


Jackie Zheng

Product Development Lead


Gloria Zhou

Policy & Practices Lead


Rachel George

Business Team Lead


Jennifer Zhou

Wiki & Design Lead


Aaron Berman

Wet Lab Member


Sophia Windemuth

Wet Lab Member


Longsha Liu

Wet Lab Member


Leo Song

Wet Lab Member


Lucas Evans

Wet Lab Member


Adam Khay

Wet Lab Member


Rachel Marsh

Wet Lab Member


Rahul Rambhatla

Wet Lab Member


Yeojin Min

Product Development Member


Matthew Peroni

Product Development Member


Jackson Bauer

Product Development Member


Jade Pinkenburg

Product Development Member


Emma Kranich

Product Development Member


Connor Reinhold

Product Development Member


Ayende Chand

Product Development Member


Swasti Shree

Policy & Practices Member


Hannah Lim

Policy & Practices Member


Darren Tsai

Business Team Member


Olivia Qiu

Business Team Member


Lindsey Luo

Business Team Member


Jerry Wu

Business Team Member


Brian Li

Business Team Member


Emily Wang

Business Team Member


Karen Zhan

Wiki Member


Alisa Wong

Wiki Member


Jerry Miao

Wiki Member


Our team is made of students from every year, every college, and every major. From gene-splicing in wet lab to pursuing business endeavors to organizing outreach events, bright passionate students make this team thrive.

We recruit in both fall and spring. Below is the breakdown of what a year on Cornell iGEM looks like:

  • Spring: brainstorm next project and new member training (2 credits, 6-8 hrs/week)
  • Summer: on-campus project work (20+ hrs/week) All new team members are expected to stay in Ithaca over the summer
  • Fall: finish project and compete at iGEM jamborees (3-4 credits, 12-16 hrs/week)

We are currently recruiting! If you are interested, please attend one of the info sessions below:
    9/14 - Info Session 1 at 4-5PM in Weill 224
    9/15 - Info Session 2 at 4-5PM in Weill 224

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to cornelligem@gmail.com.

Hello 2019 applicants!

We allow applying to 1 or 2 subteams that you are interested in. Take careful note that all new members are expected to stay the summer, unless only applying to the business or wiki sub teams (you will still be expected to contribute remotely). Due to our competition schedule, it is exceedingly difficult to contribute significantly to our project if not here over the summer.

Applications are due at 11:59 PM on September 20th. Please give yourself some time to complete this application. We will send out interview sign ups if you are moving on by Wednesday Sept. 25th at the latest. Good luck!

If you have any questions while completing your application, please do not hesitate to email us at cornelligem@gmail.com.

Link to Application

Short Answer
Here is your chance to really stand out from other applicants by showing us your skills, talent, potential, and personality. So write away, keep it interesting, and impress us! Links to past projects can be found on our website: https://igem.engineering.cornell.edu

Taking past iGEM projects into consideration, explain (1) why you are a good fit for this team, and (2) why iGEM is a good fit for you. [400 Word Limit]
Tell us something cool about yourself.

Subteam Interests

Wet Lab:
BioBrick is a term coined by iGEM to describe a interchangeable DNA part. Go to http://parts.igem.org/Frequently_Used_Parts to get a better idea of what some common BioBricks are. In a one paragraph, pitch your idea for a novel BioBrick. [300 Word Limit]

Product Development:
The Product Development Subteam integrates biology into other engineering fields in order to develop innovative products. If your major isn't related to biology, what is something that excites you in your field of study? If it is, what is a technology or innovation outside of biology that excites you? How could synthetic biology be integrated into this? [300 Word Limit]
(Optional) Please briefly list any technical/software skills you possess [Ex. Fusion 360, SQL, Welding]:

Consider this scenario: Wet Lab has created bacteria that can remove carbon dioxide from the air. Product Development has designed a system that applies this bacteria's function to the real world. How would you pitch the product to a potential sponsor and how would you raise enough funds to take the company forward? [300 Word Limit]

Wiki Team:
Please describe your experience with web development (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GitHub, Bootstrap) or design softwares (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch). If no experience, please describe your interest (150 words max)
(Optional) If you have a portfolio, please include a shareable link to it

Policy & Practices/Outreach:
Consider the following scenario: This year's wet lab has produced bacteria that can harness photosynthetic processes to turn plant by-products into ethanol, and product development has devised a device to most efficiently utilize these bacteria. As part of the Policy & Practices team, who would you contact to help discover and analyze the impact of the project, relevant policies and regulations, related research, bioethics of the project, design considerations for the product, etc.? Please detail specific reasons for choosing each stakeholder. (300-500 words)
Please share your innovative ideas for one short-term outreach project and one long-term outreach initiative. What would you do and why would this type of outreach be meaningful?

If there are any additional files you would like to attach, please show us here. Submit your resume and optional additional documents. Maximum file size is 10 MB Anything else you want to tell us? (optional)