About Us

The Cornell iGEM Team is comprised of 32 brilliant and creative undergraduate students motivated to save the world through synthetic biology. The team is comprised of five subteams: Wet Lab, Product Development, CS/ECE Design, Policy and Practices, and Business. The team works tirelessly throughout the school year and summer to solve local and global problems related to medical applications, environmental concerns, and human and animal health. We then compete against 280 multidisciplinary teams from all around the world at the iGEM World Jamboree hosted annually by the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Foundation.

Check out the Cornell iGEM Team, 2015 winner of Gold, Best Environmental, Best Supporting Entrepreneurship, and Best Applied Design against 280 other international university teams!

Past Projects and Achievements

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We're looking for excited students to push forth the field of synthetic biology. Our team is made of students from every year, every college, and every major. From gene-splicing in wet lab to pursuing business endeavors to organizing outreach events, bright passionate students make this team thrive.

Potential new team members apply in early January and join the team in the spring semester:

  • Spring: brainstorm next project and new member training (2 credits, 6-8 hrs/week)
  • Summer: on-campus project work (20+ hrs/week) All new team members are expected to stay in Ithaca over the summer
  • Fall: finish project and compete at iGEM jamborees (3-4 credits, 12-16 hrs/week)
  • We will be posting the application here during recruitment season.

    If you have any questions, feel free to send them to cornelligem@gmail.com.